Are you Afraid of the Unknowns of Pregnancy and Childbirth?

  • Do you feel scattered, excited, and anxious at the same time?

  • Does your partner feel nervous about supporting you during childbirth?

  • Do you want to give your baby a safe, peaceful, and joyous entry into this world?
In today’s modern environment, it is important to maintain your balance in all things and consistently prioritize your childbirth preparation. Many of us believe that knowledge is power, and so we read books, blogs and spend hours googling, yet all that pregnancy literature yields so much that you end up feeling confused. And that can be lonely.

The Problem:

Pregnancy can be overwhelming with lots of bodily changes, and you don’t understand what is happening in your body. Your emotions, especially any fears you have, could block the energy in your body from flowing freely and cause problems during pregnancy and childbirth, these emotions also have a detrimental effect on your baby. 

Drugs taken during labor could prevent mother and child bonding after birth. Swedish researchers found that painkillers prevent the new-born from breast feeding normally. By reducing the amount of trauma to the baby during this process, it is potentially possible that you will produce a happier child, and a more fulfilled adult.

The reasons you might resort to drugs and medical interventions during birth are

  • Fear, stress in your life coupled with a lack of prenatal preparation can cause energy blocks that result in an imbalance of energy in your body

  • Lack of guidance and support when you face a new period in your life with so many unknowns can make you feel lonely and pose health risks for both you and your baby as you lose sight of strategies, and support that are essential for positive birth outcomes

  • Overwhelm caused by the amount of information, emotions and life changes being thrown at you in such a short amount of time leaves you confused

Results for you and baby

Think about the Dollar Cost 
of not preparing yourself for childbirth

  1. You suffer physical and emotional distress through your pregnancy - cost of therapy, lost relationships

  2. Unwanted emotions get transferred to your baby for life – baby may have health issues and live an unproductive life

  3. You are open to drugs, medical interventions, with potential harm to yourself – side effects of drugs, physical and mental trauma

  4. Your baby may experience birth trauma and its consequences – there are short term and long-term consequences that affect the quality of your child’s life

  5. Stress can lead to hiring additional support during labour– a doula is expensive, additional costs related to birth complications and delayed recovery

  6. You later regret that you did not make your baby a priority and do the things that could have helped your little one through life – your baby’s growth and development starts in utero, and you miss out on optimising your baby’s capacity and potential

These issues could easily cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars!

Ask yourself

  • Are you in an environment that normalizes drugs and interventions?

    Take a stand for your natural birth and you will love it when I unveil my secret strategies that practically allow you to experience childbirth in a truly joyous way

  • Should you depend on your doctor/midwife for help with your preparation?

    I say, "no" because taking responsibility is the #1 priority that you should focus on. This will not only put you in control, but also help to empower you!


One thing that you are sure of is that you want the best for your baby and yourself and would like guidance to eliminate your fears and prepare your body and mind for birth. 

A mother who feels safe, confident, and well prepared has her hormonal state support the process rather than fight against it. The passage down the birth canal gives your baby a wonderful all-over massage that wakes up various systems in the body. 

Your baby is peaceful, quiet, and relaxed and the bonding process between mom and baby gets a head start.  You are usually able to walk unaided after birth and begin caring for your baby straightaway. You feel strong, both physically and emotionally and become involved in family life within hours of your birth. There is a wonderful sense of achievement and peace, of strength and control, of health and completeness, of being able to cope and get on with life in general. The whole family benefits and it is a positive experience for everyone. 

Normal, straightforward, intervention-free, healthy, natural birth is still the safest, most practical, and advantageous way for a baby to be born and mothers are usually able to approach subsequent births with excitement and eager anticipation that they will be privileged to go through the process again. 

We can all agree it's one thing to look over information... but it takes it to a whole other level when you get to hear HOW and WHY a strategy is so effective especially when explained by a person who has witnessed birth countless times. 

Your 7-module preparation recordings include

  • Physical preparation and managing common pregnancy discomforts

  • Mental reprogramming – how to clear any fear and stay relaxed

  • Establish a spiritual connection with self and baby and reap the benefits

  • Ensure baby’s safety and optimal growth during pregnancy

  • Dad/Partner’s total preparation for pregnancy and birth

  • Have a positive birth experience and be prepared for unexpected situations

  • Caring for yourself and your newborn after birth

Here is what you get:

  • Recordings

    of all 7 modules with everything you need to know to prepare yourself for childbirth while you enjoy a healthy pregnancy (Valued at $1997)

  • Daily practice

    that requires less than an hour every day (Valued at $ 197)

  • Workbook

    with handouts and sample sheets to fill out so you can complete all the steps and get the results you desire (Valued at $197)

  • FB Group

    to interact with me and other couples (Valued at $497)

  • Priceless Bonus 1

    Heart touching Poems to help you bond with your baby. a) Mother’s conversation with her unborn child b) Daddy’s promise

  • Priceless Bonuses 2

    Birth Plan Template to ensure your care providers understand your needs and assist you accordingly

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction (Be Informed for Better Birth Outcomes)

    • Workbook for Joyous Childbirth Preparation

  • 2

    Module 1 (Physically Fit for Two)

    • Mod 1a-How to be Physically Fit for Two

    • Mod 1b- Hydration, Nutrition

    • Mod 1c- Pregnancy Discomforts

  • 3

    Module 2 (Mentally and Emotionally Ready)

    • Mod 2a-How Your Fears Affect Your Birth

    • Mod 2b -Eliminate your Fears

    • Mod 2c- Mentally Rewire your Brain

  • 4

    Module 3 (Your Spiritual Connection with Self and Baby)

    • Mod 3a- Your Spiritual Connection with Self and Baby

    • Mod 3b- Raise your Vibrations

  • 5

    Module 4 (Best for Baby)

    • Mod 4a-Optimal Growth and Development for Baby

    • Mod 4b- Starting a Relationship with Your Baby

  • 6

    Module 5 (Support Systems for Pregnancy and Birth)Untitled chapter

    • Mod 5a- Enrolling Support Systems

    • Mod 5b- Preparations for Birth

    • Mod 5c- Recognizing Abnormalities

  • 7

    Module 6 (A Joyous Child-Birth Experience)

    • Mod 6a- Navigating the First Stage of Labor

    • Mod 6b- Navigating the Other Stages of Labor

    • Mod 6c- Medical Pain Relief and Unexpected Events

  • 8

    Module 7 (Enjoy Your Post-Partum Experience)

    • Mod 7a- How to Have a Positive Post-Partum Experience

    • Mod 7b- Safe Hospital Discharge

    • Mod 7c-Unexpected Post Partum Concerns

  • 9

    Priceless Bonuses

    • Bonus: Bonding Poems--Mother’s conversation with her unborn child

    • Bonus: Bonding Poems--Daddy’s promise

    • Bonus: Birth Plan Template to ensure your care providers understand your needs and assist you accordingly

    • Schedule Your free 1:1 session for ongoing coaching and guidance during pregnancy

Basically, you get to experience the birth that you desire—and give your baby a strong start in life by making use of this narrow window of time that is crucial in your child’s life

 Value much more than $2888

But because I care enough 
to make  it the best experience for you and baby

You only invest $497


If you are ready to say "Sayonara" to feeling Stuck, Lost, or Frustrated, I would like to give you the tools and strategies that I have used to assist my clients get amazing pregnancy and birth experiences, the kind of unconventional wisdom you won't find anywhere else...the "Guidance” based on my lifetime of work, education, and experience.

It’s like having more than 30 years of know-how all in one package... specialized knowledge from world childbirth experts, to get across an important concept, give context to a situation or even eliminate an issue (how amazing is that!?!)

Social Proof: Rave Reviews

Erin Cote

Gurjeet offers so much more than a class. She pours her heart into everything she does, and she will treat you like family. You can’t help but feel at ease in her presence and I am so thankful that she has chosen to share her wealth of knowledge with others. She will take you through the entire process that your body will go through, calming any of your fears along her way. You will learn effective breathing techniques to cope with contractions, manifestation, and visualization exercises to help you psychologically and methods to ease symptoms. Gurjeet has a profound passion for helping make this beautiful time in your life as positive as it can be. She is an absolute gift.

Estephanie SV

We’re very grateful for Gurjeet’s classes, and her approachable and friendly ways in supporting all her students. Highly recommend taking her classes!

Sunny Minz

Gurjeet is an amazing teacher! I would recommend her classes to all new parents to be! All the information you learn from her classes helped pre and post pregnancy!

R Claire

I highly recommend prenatal classes by Gurjeet. She is one of the down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and wonderful people I have ever met. She treated me like a family. Through her guidance, I saved myself from going for induction back and forth and was able to get such a fantastic childbirth experience. It was a pleasure learning from her. Thank you again, Gurjeet!!

C. Kuampah

We recently finished our prenatal classes with Gurjeet and are so happy with choosing Joyous Childbirth as our prenatal resource. We had a wonderful time attending the virtual classes and learned a lot. We are still waiting for our bundle of joy to arrive but feel more confident about the birthing process thanks to Gurjeet's classes! Highly recommend this class to first time parents.

Pregnancy does not last long!

Your baby is totally dependent on you for optimal growth and development.

Benefits of the Joyous Childbirth preparation reported by previous clients:

  • Increased ease and confidence in their birthing abilities

  • Clarity around birth, with a step-by-step daily plan to implement

  • No perineal tearing

  • Gratitude for having a supportive partner

  • Able to make informed decisions during pregnancy and birth

  • Managed labor pain well with natural alternatives

  • Avoided drugs and interventions during birth

  • Quick recovery after baby’s birth

  • A happy calm baby ready to start life on a solid footing

  • A strong relationship with their baby they appreciated

THIS is the ultimate guide 
to birth the way you want to! 
The whole 'enchilada'

Let me ask you:

1. Are you ready to have a healthy pregnancy and experience a joyous childbirth that will trigger a smile every time you recall it?

2. Are you willing to make your baby a priority and do all that is required for your baby to receive a strong start in life?

3. Do you know that you are totally worth the investment in yourself, and you can control your pregnancy and birth experience?

4. Do you want to enroll the support to enhance your pregnancy experience and clear obstacles to your joyous childbirth, so you are relaxed and confident for childbirth?

5. Are you willing to spend an hour every day to implement the simple joyful action steps laid out for you?


Gurjeet Minhas
Childbirth Instructor

Bringing Joyous Childbirth Prenatal Preparation into Your Life. 
Gurjeet is a registered nurse and comes from a family of medical professionals, so you can  say that helping and healing are in her DNA. 

She places her focus directly on your needs and desires for a happy childbirth experience and blends ancient wisdom with modern medicine. She identifies patterns that limit and restrict your ability to give birth, and subsequently teaches you how to eliminate any fear you may have. 

She teaches proven ways for childbirth preparation to help women feel empowered and confident, knowing they are fully prepared to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and experience a joyous birth. She continues her deep passion for pain relief and natural birth using the laws of the universe, and a combination of skills, caring and expertise based on 30 + years of training and experience.  

Her Story 
India: Gurjeet experienced her first birth in India, complete with epidural, drugs, and forceps, and was traumatized because she had done nothing to prepare for her baby’s birth. Because she was a registered nurse, she believed she would be well taken care of by her father, chief anesthesiologist in the hospital she planned to give birth. 

When things got bad, he assisted her with an epidural that provided short term relief. It was followed by difficulties in the birth process and her little one was unceremoniously yanked out with a pair of forceps. This of course caused physical trauma to her baby and physical and emotional trauma to her.

This had such a powerful impact on her that she spent her entire life on a quest to put together all the pieces of the puzzle required to complete the picture of an easy effortless natural childbirth. 

Australia: The University of Western Sydney, Australia awarded her a scholarship to research complementary therapies used by women and midwives in the greater Sydney and Blue Mountain areas. 

New Zealand: Her quest for learning birth practices of local midwives took her to Auckland, New Zealand and it was here that she trained with John Kehoe  and learned how the mind works on a deeper, subconscious level, and our joy and pain unfold from this state without us even realizing it. 

United States: Gurjeet trained with Dr. Kevin Hogan, master hypnotherapist and Marie Mongan, founder of Hypnobirthing. She studied with Dr. Joe Dispenza and learned the amazing powers of the mind. Dr. Anne Marie Evers, the Affirmation Doctor and author of numerous books, taught her how to use affirmations effectively. 

Canada: Gurjeet migrated to Canada after UBC Hospital asked her to join them. Later she assisted women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum at the Surrey hospital. 

While working in Surrey, BC she saw first time moms who were so fearful when they arrived to give birth at the hospital. They had not done anything during their pregnancy to prepare for childbirth and resorted to narcotics for pain relief. They were open to medical and surgical interventions as they were not aware of tapping into their own body resources and natural alternatives that they could use, and experienced side effects and complications associated with these drugs. 

She strongly felt that if these women had prepared themselves mentally, eliminated their fears so they could stay happy and relaxed, and cared for their bodies during pregnancy, they could have had an enjoyable birth experience. These women needed a comprehensive step by step program to prepare them physically, mentally, and emotionally so they could approach childbirth in a relaxed and confident manner. The problem was that they did not have a roadmap for that preparation.

Birth of the Joyous Childbirth Program:

The Joyous Childbirth Preparation is based on her life experiences, expert maternity nursing education and years of research.  This online program is interesting, fun and uses methods of accelerated learning. She shows you how you can easily eliminate all your fears and reprogram your mind and body for a natural and joyous birth, so you can make dramatic progress towards an easy joyous childbirth. You learn how to provide the best for your unborn baby, and this allows for your baby’s life to begin in the most positive way possible. Your partner learns different ways of supporting you through pregnancy and birth so that he feels like an active helpful partner, and you feel well taken care of through your motherhood journey. 

Gurjeet looks forward to helping you during this special time in your life. Let her passion for Natural Joyous Childbirth inspire you to make your childbirth fulfilling and joyous.

For any questions email